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Banishing Stress and Anxiety
  • What is Stress

    In this section, you will learn about Negative and Positive Stress . You will also learn about Cortisol and Endorphins

  • Locus Of Control

    Internal and External Locus of Control

  • The Impact of thoughts on our Body and Mind

    Become aware of the power of your thoughts with guided exercise. You will also receive a challenge here

  • Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety- Breathing and Relaxation

    Tools and Exercises

  • Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety- NLP Techniques

    Tools and Exercises

  • Essential Oils, Laughter and Gratitude

    Learn about different essentials oils, power of laughter and gratitude

  • Self Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety

    Listen to recorded and guided self hypnosis to help you overcome stress and anxiety

  • Manual and Presentation


The key is your thought process
Thoughts = Energy and Feelings. Even when something isn’t going right in your life now, you can tell your self positive statements such as :
Despite this situation I am in , everything will work out fine or I am becoming better with each day.  Such speech patterns will allow you to feel better and attract better things into your life.