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Banishing Stress and Anxiety
  • What is Stress

    In this section, you will learn about Negative and Positive Stress . You will also learn about Cortisol and Endorphins

  • Locus Of Control

    Internal and External Locus of Control

  • The Impact of thoughts on our Body and Mind

    Become aware of the power of your thoughts with guided exercise. You will also receive a challenge here

  • Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety- Breathing and Relaxation

    Tools and Exercises

  • Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety- NLP Techniques

    Tools and Exercises

  • Essential Oils, Laughter and Gratitude

    Learn about different essentials oils, power of laughter and gratitude

  • Self Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety

    Listen to recorded and guided self hypnosis to help you overcome stress and anxiety

  • Manual and Presentation

lesson 2


Positive Stress
Eustress can be beneficial and is actually necessary for our overall wellbeing. This is the type of “positive” stress that keeps us vital and excited about life. The excitement of a roller-coaster ride, a scary movie, or a fun challenge are all examples of eustress. eustress.
Eustress is a type of stress that is actually important for us to have in our lives. Without it, we would become bored at best and, in more serious cases, depressed. Positive stress keeps us motivated.
Understanding eustress can help us to more easily manage other types of stress as well. For example, research shows that when an event is perceived as a “threat,” we respond to it differently than if it’s seen as a “challenge.” 
Approaching success, instead of failure avoidance, may benefit stressed employee.
Eustress gives us a boost and drives you to learn, to use your creativity and to work more effectively. Interpretation of stressors and the situation plays a key role in the experience.
A classic example of eustress familiar to many of us is a conditioned athlete competing in his or her sport.
Your perception of particular situation will determine Eustress from Distress.
Negative Stress/ Distress
It has been well documented when distress is chronic and unresolved— employee burnout, they are more prone to injuries, disease, and sometimes death. 
Characteristics of Distress (Negative Stress)
  • It can be short-term or long-term
  • It is perceived as outside our coping abilities
  • It demotivates and drains our energy
  • It feels very unpleasant
  • It can lead to mental and health problems
  • It decreases performance