Reiki Level 1
4 students

Welcome to Reiki Level 1. This course is combined with audio recordings, videos, manual and presentation.

What will you learn/ receive

  • What is Reiki
  • Energy – Scientific and Spiritual Concepts
  • Energy Protection and Cleansing
  • Energy grounding
  • How to see your own Energy Filed
  • Chakras
  • How to balance chakras
  • Guidelines/ how to heal yourself ,other people & animals
  •  You will receive Attunement to Reiki Level One
  • You will receive powerful love healing technique ( filmed)
  • Presentation 
  • Manual provided
  • Certificate of completion


After completion of the course,  please contact me on : to book your attunment.


  • What is Reiki

    You will learn what Reiki Energy is and it's history . Audio recordings included

  • Energies and Benefits of Reiki

    You will receive information about Spiritual and Scientific traditions as well as Reiki benefits

  • Energy Protection and Cleansing

    You will learn how to cleanse and protect your energy

  • Energy Grounding

    How to ground your energy

  • Chakras

    Chakras and their functions

  • Energy Field

    How to see your energy field/Aura

  • Guidelines for Giving Reiki Treatments

    How to give Reiki to others

  • Guidelines for giving yourself a Reiki Treatment

    How to give Reiki to yourself

  • Love Healing

    A video with powerful self love healing technique

  • Attunment
  • Manual, Presentation, Hand Positions for healing


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