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Miss Green (6)

Warm Greetings,

My name is Skylar Eva Green.  I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Reiki Healer (Master and Teacher) 

Since the day I was born, life had thrown me into a deep ocean of challenges. It always seemed to me that my life was full of pain and suffering. One day, I said to myself “enough is enough” and I began my searching journey. Since early childhood, I was interested in Mind, Energies and Psychology.  It was not until I was an adult ,during my meditation I had discovered that my real purpose is to help you achieve better, happier and more fulfilling life.

Some Benefits of Reiki Healing:

  • Stress Relief and Deep Relaxation. Many illnesses begin with stress and tensions.
  • Pain Relief 
  • Relief from Fatique
  • A strengthening of the natural self-healing powers we all have
  • Strengthening of Immune System
  • Detoxification and deep cleansing
  • A healthy body and mind connection
  • Release of emotional and energetic blockages which might cause mental and physical illness
  • Returning Balance
  • Inner Peace
  • Supports one’s spiritual awareness and connection
  • Enhances wellbeing
  • Speeds up recovery

According to the two brilliant genius minds of Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, the Human Brain is both a transmitter and a receiver of frequency.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is about how you use your mind effectively to help you achieve specific, desirable outcome. 

NLP has been created by Jon Grinder and Richard Bandler back in the 1970’s. They formalised the idea that people build mental representations. They defined thinking as thinking in pictures, thinking in words, and thinking in feelings, tastes and smells.

Humans experience themselves and the world they live in through primary modalities of the five senses mentioned above and this is how we attach meaning and perception to what we experience in our mind which essentially determine how we feel and behave.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is about the ability to discover and change the way you communicate with yourself internally or externally in order to achieve specific result.

I remember Dr Richard Bandler saying: “If you change the way you think, you will change the way you feel and if you change the way you feel, you will change the way you behave” and as soon as you do this, you will create a whole new reality in your life.

They key is your thought process. 

Thoughts =  Energy and Thoughts = Feeling.

Become aware of your speech pattern. For example if you find yourself in negative situation, tell yourself : Despite this situation, everything will work out just fine, or if you want to recover, you can tell  yourself : everyday I am becoming healthier etc. 

The Subconscious mind is 1000 times more powerful than your conscious mind

Pain Control and Hypnotherapy 

The effects of hypnosis on pain is well documented and hypnosis is increasingly being used for pain control.

Research has shown that hypnotic pain control is not a placebo effect but a physiological action that explains its effectiveness. It has been now shown through PET scan that hypnosis directly affects areas of the brain involved in our perception of suffering (the anterior cingulate cortex) during hypnotic pain control activity.

While hypnosis does not replace the care of your physician, it can be a complimentary practice to help you manage pain and illness.


Hello Everyone! Last night, I had an incredible experience of past life regression hypnotherapy with Edyta. I discovered something in one of my past lives that gave me a lot of insight into why I have behave in certain ways and why do I certain physical weakness. It was an enlightening and beautiful experience , and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get in touch with past lives. Thank you Edyta for such fantastic experience !
School Teacher
Hello All, I would like to thank Edyta for the past life regression I had with her. She was a brilliant guide and helped reveal a past life in detail that had been hinted at throughout my life. I would highly recommend trying it, even if you are just curious- it helps add the magic of life!
Meditation Teacher
Edyta is great at what she does. She is skilled and amazing practitioner. So far had from her one session of Reiki Healing and I am very satisfied. The way she explained the steps in the procedure is both professional and informative but yet, very easy to understand. She also added many helpful tips on how to make my experience even better than it was already. Highly recommended
Business Owner
Hello Edyta Thank you for giving me Reiki treatment on distance. It was very helpful and my knee pain disappeared. I felt very warm and tingling sensation during the healing. Hopefully, we might catch up very soon for the next session .
I have attended a Reiki Level One workshop with Edyta where I had been attuned to Reiki. The information and exercises were very helpful I am happy that I can heal myself and my friends now
Yesterday, I had the most amazing experience with Edyta. I really enjoyed Reiki healing session group. Edyta is a such Amazing and caring person with a beautiful soul 🙏💗 No words to describe how I felt and how I'm feeling 😊I'm sure that you have to try this amazing "journey "once in your life with Edyta. Edyta helps me to aligned and open my blocked chakras through the Reiki .Believe or not , now I know what I have to do 😊💗 Also, I meet beautiful and special people. I throughly recommend a session with Edyta. Namaste💗🙏🙏🙌